Museum Essentials: Working with the Learning & Engagement Manifesto

Working with the Learning and Engagement Manifesto

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About this course

Working with the Learning and Engagement Manifesto is one of a number of courses that sits within the Museums Association's Museum Essentials Programme. This course is for all museum practitioners and those interested in joining the sector. It will help you think about your professional practice and use the Museums Association’s Learning and Engagement Manifesto as a framework to develop your work.

The course is divided into 5 sections with 5 lessons in each section. It takes 5-15 hours to complete and can be worked on in stages.

We hope that by providing a mix of information, exercises, resources and signposting you will be able to develop your confidence and competence around your own practice in relation to the Museums Association’s Learning and Engagement Manifesto.

Working with the Learning and Engagement Manifesto
supports the public engagement and public benefit element of the Associateship of the Museums Association (AMA). For more information about the AMA please click here

Champion Learning and Engagement

The Learning and Engagement Manifesto offers a tool to champion new approaches in the sector. Based on in-depth research, consultation and collaboration, the Manifesto is for anyone working in and with museums.

Reflect on your practice and get inspired

You will have the chance to reflect on your experience and test ideas for your development. There's also lots of opportunity to get inspired by other changemakers in the sector.

Make plans for change

The Manifesto is designed to be used and shared, to amplify your work and give you confidence. By using the Manifesto to build your own priorities and action plan, you will be ready to start creating change.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to go through this course?

5-15 hours, which means each section of the course has a two-hour focus. This is only a guide. You may learn at a different pace, you may want to delve deeper into a particular subject area, you may want more conversations with colleagues, your team and beyond. The beauty of an online learning course is that you can take as long and a little time working your way through it.

Is there a course start date?

There isn't a course start date. This is an open course that you can start and finish whenever you want. As an individual Museums Association member you have full access to the content whilst you remain a member.

Do you have to complete each section in the order it appears?

The course has been designed so that there are no mandatory sections or exercises. This means that you can complete them in whichever order is most meaningful for you. Dip in and dip out of the different sections as and when you need help or choose to complete the course section by section, exercise by exercise.

Where can I find more information about the Learning and Engagement Manifesto?

You can find out more on our website here

Do I have to complete all of the exercises?

The exercises have been developed to help you reflect, capture and focus your learning, you can complete them in whichever order you wish and you may find that some of the exercises are less relevant for you and as such you may choose not to complete them.

Is there an opportunity to discuss our learning with other learners?

We don't have a discussion area within each course, but look to share your reflections with your own network or peers.

Do I have to be a member to participate in the Museum Association's Museum Essentials online learning programme?

Yes. Museum Essentials is a membership benefit for all our individual members. To become a member visit our website:

Do you release new content every week or every month?

No we don't. Unlike other online learning courses where they adopt a 'drip drip' approach to content we have made all the content available from the point of enrolment. The reason we have done this is we didn't want to add to any 'pressure' to complete at a pace decided by us. We know that life is unpredictable, people have different commitments and learn in different ways - so we wanted to build in as much flexibility as possible which means you can choose to complete everything in a week or over 6 months - it is up to you.

Can I save content from this course?

Yes. Throughout the course there are links and more detailed downloadable content. We would encourage you, if you wish, to download the content or save the links if that supports your learning. We also know that some of you may be working in remote locations, stores or on the move where connectivity may be an issue - so downloading them may help. But remember as long as you remain a member of the Museums Association you will be able to access the Museum Essentials courses and content.

What do I do if I have any questions about the course or Museum Essentials?

There is functionality within the platform that enables you to send questions as a learner to the Museums Association. In addition feel free to email the course leader directly their contact details will be available on the Museums Associations website.

How do I navigate the content?

The course is divided into five sections and within each section there are 5 lessons. Whilst the content has been designed with a beginning, a middle and an end you can progress flexibly through the content. Use the Next button to take you through the course until you reach a section or a lesson you want to engage with.

Meet the expert

Antonia Canal

Antonia is Policy and Campaigns Officer at the Museums Association. With experience in the charity, education and cultural heritage sectors, she’s worked in a range of roles focussed on learning, engagement and community development.  


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Laura Biddle

Rebecca Bussey

Elizabeth Elliott

clare davies

Laura Davison

Really useful and interesting. Thank you! Great to finish with an action plan.

Caroline Edwards

Great course. As a new member of the museum sector this has provided me with a great wealth of knowledge in a manageable time scale.

Tom Hughes

Katharine Foxton

merrydith russell

This course really helped me, reflect on institutions and my own practice as freelance, where I want to collaborate to ensure change.

Emma McCombie

Emily Hayland

Liz Knight

Excellent and really helpful.

Lois Emma Harkin

Alana Stephenson

Anthony Dawson

Brilliant, Thought-provoking. Much needed.

Morgan Ward

Some very good content and the seminars were especially useful. the case studies were limited in detail.

Ella Hackett

Lucy L

Really stimulating (but done at pace due to the relocation of the course - look forward to being able to return to it in a more reflective mode).

Soyoung Joo

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