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The Museums Association is the professional membership body for those who work, study and volunteer in the sector.

We are the oldest museums association is the world, set up in 1889. We have over 12,000 individual members. 

Our mission is to inspire museums to change lives and our vision for inclusive, participatory and socially engaged museums at the heart of their communities guides our work, as do our values:

  • we have the courage to say what we believe
  • we are passionate about delivering diversity and equality
  • we work collaboratively, inclusively and ethically
  • we lead change by example.

We want to inspire and develop a workforce to deliver our vision for the sector. This is supported by our online learning opportunities. 

Our Museum Essentials Online Learning Programme is an individual membership benefit. If you would like to join the Museums Association visit our website.

This is just one way we support workforce development. We offer a range of taught and self-directed professional development programmes, including Associateship of the Museums Association (the AMA), Transformers; our Fellowship; and our conference programmes.

For more information about the work we do visit our website.

Inspiring your professional practice

We want to inspire and develop the workforce to deliver our vision for the sector. We hope our approach to online learning and the courses we have developed inspire and develop your professional practice.

Develop at your own pace

You can join our courses at any point as there is no fixed start date or end date. This means you have ultimate flexibility in your learning journey; this enables you to learn when you have time to and to choose how to spend your time and focus.

Develop in your own space

Learning online enables access to insights, exercises and resources 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year. You can access our courses when you are working offsite, travelling for work or when learning at home.


25 Lessons included in this course


25 Lessons included in this course